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Learn To Speak Tahitian

Fino-mu Game

Fino-mu Game



The Language Game.....
How to play....
1. Subscribe to the Native Tongue Language Series.
3. Use 3 sets of dice. Separate into set of 2 and set of 1.
The set of 2 (total determines the language)
The set of 1 (total determines the phrase)
4. Rotation is clockwise. Use the dice to determine who starts the rotation.
5. Player 1 begins by rolling the set of 2 dice. The total number determines the language chosen.
6. Player 1 rolls the set of 1 dice. Total number determines the phrase chosen.
7.  Player 1 will read and try to pronounce the phrase.
8. Click on the sound byte button to check if pronunciation is correct. If yes, then the game moves on to the next player. If not, the player will pay a retainer to remain in the game. The retainer can be a penny, a nichol, a dime, a quarter, a dollar, etc.
9. The money is placed in a Retainer Fund Box. The first player to say and pronounce the assigned phrase wins the Retainer Fund, and so.
10. Another option is to keep the money in the Retainer Fund Box until the end of the game. The money or community Prize is then taken to a local restaurant or pub as the party continues.


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